About the
Maurie Pearson
Maurie Pearson is a nationally acclaimed professional ice sculptor.
He developed his love for carving ice during his career as an
Executive Chef for Hyatt and Radisson hotels. In the late 1980's,
Pearson began to carve competitively at ice sculpture events around
the country and began to hone his talent as an ice sculptor. His
sculptures are known for their attention to detail and unique style.

Pearson gave up the kitchen and began carving ice professionally in
Chicago during the early 90's. He began Chicago
IceWorks in 1992
and the company produced about 2500 sculptures per year - mostly
wholesale to hotels and country clubs.
In 1999, he relocated to "God's Country" to spend more time with his
family, where he owns and operates Black River Ice Sculptures in
La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Founding Member of NICA
National Ice Carving Association